4th of July Update

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Fellow Riders:

First off, in remembering the 4th of July Holiday,  I want to thank all of our former and current Veterans for their service to our country. Without them, I probably would not be here writing this update.


I hope all of you are having a great summer! There is still plenty of action in the snowmobile world….Here is what is happening since our April Meeting;

·        Our Trail Funding Increase..AB188/SB180 has now been placed in the State Budget. As of now, when all of the dust settles, it should pass as a part of it. Remember, this provision takes our base allotment of $250 per mile on our self-funded trails to $300, raises our minimum grooming amount from $150 to $200 a mile to reach supplemental funding requirements, takes our Supplemental Maintenance Cap to $900 a mile from $750, and removes the sunset clause on our Trail Pass program.

·        As of now, it looks like the Trail Pass program should net us out around $2.5 Million additional dollars for projects this season. Our AWSC membership did hold steady around the 42,000 mark. Both numbers are great considering the lack of snow we had.

·        We should soon see updated rulings on the Blue Mounds State Park Trail. Our goal is to have the added trail routing this winter.

·        The Great Sauk Tail is beginning to form on the Sauk County side. Wisconsin and Southern Railroad, WisDOT and the Wisconsin River Rail Transit Commission, owners of that line, are now finalizing funding to remove damaged sections of that structure. Once that is completed, the Rails to Trails efforts and to get a structure capable for our use will begin. I  will send additional information out as things progress.


Enjoy the rest of your summer, and stay tuned!


Sam Landes

Executive Director-Dane County 

AWSC Legislative Committee Chair

Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs 

7353 Springhelt Drive

Dane, WI 53529


608-513-3591 cell


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