Blue Mound State Park Master Plan Final Comment Period Now Open!

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Hi Everyone!

This is the final comment period for The Blue Mound State Park Master Plan! The DNR held to their word on having our preferred route in the plan! Please get to all of our members!

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is seeking public input on the Blue Mound State Park (BMSP) Draft Master Plan, which outlines proposed future public use and management of BMSP.

 Highlights of the BMSP Draft Master Plan include:

A snowmobile trail that will connect the Military Ridge State Trail to the county trail system north of the park largely utilizing portions of a former snowmobile trail.


You may recall our call-to-action in 2019 when hundreds of club members attended public open house events hosted by the DNR regarding this issue.


Your help is needed one more time.


To review the issue and read through supporting materials please log into the Wisconsin DNR page featuring the Blue Mound State Park Property Master Plan here:


The Wisconsin DNR is holding a “VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE” to collect verbal input on Wednesday, December 16, starting at 5:00 PM.


You are welcome to watch that proceeding via a live stream on Wednesday. The link will become available on Wednesday, December 16.


However – we ask that you refrain from contributing to the public comments segment of the virtual meeting because they are being handled by key representatives including AWSC’s SAM LANDES and DAVE NEWMAN.


We need your help in providing SUPPORT through submitting comments.


The Wisconsin DNR will accept public comment on this plan through January 10, 2021. Please log in and SUPPORT the “Snowmobiling Opportunities” in this plan.


There are two (2) links for online comments, one with an interactive map and one for mobile users. It’s easiest to use the online link found here:



Once you access the online form, click on “snowmobiling”.


Here are the questions and the AWSC guidance for your answers on the online form:

  • QUESTION: How satisfied are you with the snowmobiling opportunities in the plan? Pick “very satisfied”
  • QUESTION: Why did you choose this level of satisfaction with the snowmobiling opportunities proposed in the Draft Plan? Because this option will provide a safe and enjoyable connecting trail through the park in the location the local snowmobile clubs have asked for.
  • QUESTION: Are there any changes you would like to see to the snowmobiling opportunities proposed in the Draft Plan? No, this meets the snowmobiling needs for the park.
  • QUESTION: If you have any further input on the proposed snowmobiling opportunities at BMSP that you would like the planning team to consider, please share it here. (In your own words you can share any or all of these statements):
    • This location of the trail is much safer and enjoyable than the current road route.
    • This location of the trail will have a limited effect on other park users.
    • This location of the trail will be easy to establish because of its location on an existing corridor.
    • This location will have the least impact on vegetation & wildlife.

You can also submit comments by voice mail at 608-266-3219.


Again – remember the deadline for comments is January 10. Thank you ALL for your commitment and dedication to the AWSC. We cannot do this without you. We appreciate your efforts and look forward to seeing you on the trails!

 Thanks to all!

Sam Landes

AWSC Director-Dane County 

AWSC Legislative Committee Chair

Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs 

7353 Springhelt Drive

Dane, WI 53529


608-513-3591 cell

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