Blue Mound State Park Master Plan Hearing March 12th

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Don’t forget that Tuesday night, the 12th. 
The Blue Mound State Park Master Plan hearing is from 5 to 7:30 PM at the Mt Horeb Middle School, 900 Ea Garfield St in Mt Horeb. There will be both written comment forms and small group break outs during that time. They will put on a short presentation at 5:15.
If you go, keep in mind that the DNR does acknowledge the current snowmobile trail that runs along Mounds Park and Ryan Rds. We want to be able to move that trail off of the side of the road, as it can be a safety issue. Not only are some spots along the shoulder of the road steep, many non  motorized users tend to park along Mounds Park Rd to access the Overload Trail. Also, we should be given the same experience of enjoying the park as others do. 
There is also an on-line survey. It will run until March 26th.The link is below…
The 4th question of the survey asks you what you have done, or what you would like to do in the park…. You then check snowmobiling….. That will prompt additional questions… 
They ask if  you have ever ridden the current trail along side of the road…
They will then ask you why you chose to do so….
They will then ask you how the snowmobiling experience could be improved. THAT is when you tell them that you want the trail  off of the road on to park property for safety reasons and to enjoy the park as well.
We need bodies there! If you can’t, please push the survey with your friends!
THANKS TO ALL! We will see you at the March 19th club meeting!

Sam Landes
Executive Director-Dane County 
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