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Dearest Members of The Dane County Council of Snowmobile Clubs:

     I hope all of you have had the opportunity to enjoy all of our trails! I surely thank all involved for the time and effort in putting them together!
I have had some interesting conversations the past few weeks on many council topics, such as our map, Easter Seals, and internal operations as a whole.
     One recent conversation compelled me to write this posting. It was a comment made that I hadn't heard for a while… and ended with the question; "What do we get out of the Council anyway?" I think some of us are developing a very short memory……
     First off, I want to thank Loretta, Janelle, Rachael, Brenda and all those that worked tirelessly on this year's Easter Seals event. I also want to thank the owners of the Red Mouse for their support as this year's hosts. While Chris and I had our usual great time with all in attendance, I was a bit surprised by the lack of attendance, especially from some of our larger clubs. I think many forget that Easter Seals is a signature event for organized snowmobiling in Dane County. Our involvement with Easter Seals is not only recognized in the City County Building with Dane County officials, it is also recognized with key local legislators in the State Capitol. Not only is it a worthy cause, the positive publicity for us is immeasurable. 
     I also want to thank Meghan for all of her efforts with this next map publication. She virtually did it all on her own, with not the worlds greatest support, and that's putting it mildly. I think many forget that not only is the map an important fundraiser for the DCCSC, We actually have many sponsors that want the map, and want to be listed on it. Those folks expect more from us as a group on this, and rightfully so. I hope the positive that comes out of this whole map situation lends to more help and participation with the next publication. 
     Why do we have a Council? What do we get out of it? The last time a group from C.P. asked this same question years ago, I quit my notes of reasoning after over 4 type-written pages just off of the top of my head. 
     Some examples; 
     Who continuously stops the threat of paving on our multi-use trails that allow our use in their master plans? How have we nearly DOUBLED the amount of self funded trails the past twenty years, in this, one of the most liberal counties in the state? How about the positive relationship we have with both County Parks and the Sheriff's Department? How can we still be in the fight with our trail proposal in Blue Mound State Park? How have we gained access in more than a handful of our local communities… and then keeping that snowmobile access when threatened? How have we been able to replace nearly half of the bridges on our self funded system in the past 4 years?…What about the continuing "Its time for Waubesa" funding battle? What about the possibility of funding a 50-some mile trail that includes a bridge over the Wisconsin River? And, maybe a historic attempt at a cost-sharing bridge over Highway 69 in New Glarus? As a matter of fact, how did our complete trail system survive a Dane County zoning challenge years ago? 
     If it wasn't for the united front and our togetherness as being one of the most respected county snowmobile alliances in the state, snowmobiling as usual would probably be a pipe -dream in Dane County. 
My question for all of you to consider is….Are we getting this message out to our membership? 
I sure wonder sometimes…
We only have to go as far as ourselves to look at our success. We need to look no further than ourselves in failure.  
United we Trail… Divided we Fail!
Think about it…..
Your AWSC Director:

Sam Landes

Executive Director-Dane County 

AWSC Legislative Committee Chair

Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs 

7353 Springhelt Drive

Dane, WI 53529


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