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Hi Everyone!                                

We are all now all into our club’s regular monthly meetings. It is important that we share the following information with fellow snowmobilers!


Are your club dues paid? Did you order your trail passes for the upcoming season?

     My daughter reminded me there would be no excuses if her sled wasn’t ready to go for the first trail opening! Now is the time to pay your dues and order your passes. I received a lot of complaints last year from folks upset that they were pulled over multiple times to provide proof of pass payment. The easiest way not to have that happen is to order them in time to have your stickers on your machines!

I also hope all of you consider contacting your local club and helping with fall trail work. We have a great bunch helping with the section I mark, and we surely mix work with pleasure! The more people we have, the less effort it takes.

The Budget Bill is now law, and so are our funding increases!

     The budget bill is now signed. Remember that our funding increase request was placed in this budget, so it will now take effect. That increases the base self-funded grant amount to $300 a funded mile. It would also raise the minimum amount of claimed grooming needed to qualify for supplemental payments to $200 a mile. It also eliminates the sunset clause on our trail pass program. When signed, the increase will be in effect for this season. I will keep all updated.

The AWSC Fall Workshop is October 27 -29 At the Paper Valley Hotel in Appleton……

     There will be a costume dance Friday night. Our Miss Snowflake will be crowned Saturday Night. Donations for the Silent Auction will be welcomed. The money raised will go towards the AWSC Scholarship Fund. The KAOS group will be collecting used glasses, so please bring them along. I will not be in attendance, as my son Chad gets married that Saturday Night.

AWSC Raffle Tickets Are Now Available.

     I still have a few left…. The success of this raffle helps offset the need to raise our membership dues, which, at $10 member, are the lowest in the snow belt.  

The AWSC Safety Poster Contest…..

     Is now going on for our members that are in High School. They need to be IN THE AWSC OFFICE by December 8th at 3PM. More info will be posted on the AWSC Website.

There will be a $1.50 fee for On-Line Rosters….

     The AWSC is charged for credit card transactions on these. These fees help us offset costs that could be a factor in not having to raise our dues. It is important to do both in keeping your rosters current, so members can get their trail passes and being efficient in doing so.

Are your club’s Officer and Contact information current with the AWSC? Are those contacts, as well as your Deligate and Executive Trail current with the DCCSC and Secretary Mike Niebuhr?

     This should be done without saying. These lists should be a priority of all clubs and councils.

Have you discussed our trail opening and closing at your club meetings? Dane County doesn’t open and close the trails…Our clubs do!

     Each club’s Trail Contact is supposed to contact their prospective DCCSC Section Leader when the snow conditions are proper. If all clubs in the section are in agreement, the Section Leader contacts DCCSC President Mark Stephens, who in turn notifies Dane County Parks. They in turn update the Hotline and the trails are opened for each agreeable Section.  After that, social media can now report as such. Then, if conditions warrant, our club’s Trail Contact notifies their prospective Section Leader of the need to close the trails. The Section Leader then contacts the rest of the clubs in their group of the situation to close, and contacts President Mark Stephens to do so. Mark then notifies Dane County Parks, the Hotline is updated, and the trails are closed for that section or sections.

    All must remember and respect the fact that for proper protection and operation of our program, this procedure must be followed. A lot goes into our process… opening of gates, conditional issues, ect.

We must get the word out that pounding on the Parks Department will not speed up the process to open.


Remember, it is your responsibility to make sure you “Know Before You Go!”. The hot line will be updated and kept current. That number is 608-242-4576.   


Thanks to all!

Sam Landes

Executive Director-Dane County 

AWSC Legislative Committee Chair

Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs 

7353 Springhelt Drive

Dane, WI 53529


608-513-3591 cell


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