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  Snowmobilers of the DCCSC:

It was my pleasure to be invited and to attend the August 9th Association of Sauk County Snowmobilers at the Yanke Family Farm near Loganville.  After their meeting was over, a few members had asked me if I could get them a basic written explanation of how Wisconsin's Statewide Snowmobile Program Works:

At present, you are able to claim up to $300 per mile for maintenance reimbursements on your trails that are designated as funded through the program. To be able to apply for additional supplemental funding, if available, you must have legitimately spent at least $200 a mile directly for grooming. Again, if the funds are available, you can then request up to a total of $900 a mile for maintenance under the supplemental funding criteria, with a $250 total cap per mile on non-grooming expenses.

All revenue collected from snowmobile registrations, annual trail passes and out of state user sticker fees (minus 75 cents apiece for printing and distribution) are deposited into our Segregated Snowmobile Trail Aids Fund. We also receive into that segregated fund the fuel tax revenues on 50 gallons of gas per registered snowmobile in our state along with an additional 55% of that figure ( in consideration of out-of-state users) as well. This fund is how the clubs get reimbursed for trail maintenance and grooming. It is also how projects and grants are awarded to clubs and county alliances that include replacing and repairing bridges and trails on our self funded trail system. We hope to fund more of those club-provided public snowmobile trails in the future as well. These funds truly go to our clubs and trails! While the fund is administered by the DNR, only a very small portion of the money in that segregated fund goes to aid local law enforcement efforts.

 There are some rules that must be followed to receive a discounted annual trail pass for being an AWSC club member. A family membership is defined as a legally married couple and children under the age of 19 years old and must be paid and current with the AWSC office.  This group DOES NOT include significant others, siblings, friends and neighbors. Under the latest AWSC bylaw change, all AWSC memberships will expire June 30th, 2020, and will do so at that time every year at June 30th from this point on. To receive your discounted pass, you need to provide your registration number and your AWSC membership number when you apply for them. Your registration must be current, your AWSC membership must be up to date, and both need to be in the same applicant's name. The club you join must meet regularly, be in good standing with the AWSC, and have a minimum of 10 members. To obtain your discounted passes, you can apply on line with a valid credit card or you can print out and send an application with funds to the AWSC Office. The stickers are then sent out by the DNR Vendor. Please note that the AWSC does not stock trail pass stickers at the Deforest office.


 All need to understand the importance of joining or renewing your club membership enough ahead of time to you receive your membership number and thus able to apply for and receive for your passes before you ride. It is also critical that your local club sends in your dues promptly to the AWSC when you sign up or renew your membership. It can take as long as a week to 10 days for the AWSC Office to process your membership during the height of the snow season, and can take that long as well to receive your trail pass stickers once ordered. You can legally operate your snowmobile on the trail with your trail pass receipt for up to 30 days after you purchase them. You must have that receipt with you when you ride, as officials can and will ask you to present it if pulled over. Some complain when riding on the trails with just their receipt that they get pulled over multiple times during a trip, as they haven't gotten their stickers yet. The easiest way to remedy that issue is to buy them well in advance! 

I hope this note helps….And….Thanks to all!


Sam Landes

Executive Director-Dane County 

AWSC Legislative Committee Chair

Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs 

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