Legislative Update – March 7th 2017

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Hey Everyone!

Our Trail Pass Bill, 2013 Act 142, has successfully increased funds into our snowmobile program, so we now have additional  resources to provide increased help to our volunteer clubs. This proposed legislation, LRB-2237,  will raise our base trail aids ( which our clubs can apply for) from $250 a mile on funded trails to $300 a mile, and raise our base grooming amount from $150 to $200 a mile of that amount. These rates have not been raised for nearly 20 years. It will also remove the sunset on our trail pass program, which expires in two years, so that we can continue to provide our volunteer clubs this financial help. LRB-2237 accomplishes one of the big reasons we did Act 142……to increase funding back to the clubs.

We have until Friday to get our legislators to co-sponsor the bill. As of now, Senator Erpenbach is our only area elected official that has signed on. To find out who your Senator and Assembly Representative is…..Go to the Wisconsin State Legislature website: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/ …On the upper right, you will see the “Find My Legislators” Tab. Type in your full address in the “Address” box below the tab, and it will give you both legislators and their information.

Why is this important?

All revenue collected from snowmobile registrations, annual trail passes and out of state user sticker fees  (minus 75 cents apiece for printing and distribution) are deposited into our Segregated Snowmobile Trail Aids Fund. We also receive into that segregated fund the fuel tax revenues on 50 gallons of gas per registered snowmobile in our state along with an additional 55% of that figure ( in consideration of out-of-state users) as well. This fund is how the clubs get reimbursed for trail maintenance and grooming. It is also how projects and grants are awarded to clubs and county alliances that include replacing and repairing bridges and trails on our self –funded trail system. We hope to fund more of those club-provided public snowmobile trails in the future as well. These funds truly go to our clubs and trails! While the fund is administered by the DNR, virtually NONE of the money in that segregated fund goes to administration or enforcement!

I will have an update on this, and our program as a whole at our DCCSC Meeting, March 9th, 2017.

Thanks to all!

Sam Landes
Executive Director-Dane County
AWSC Legislative Committee Chair
Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs
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