Sam’s September Notes….

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Hi Everyone!

Yup…It’s that time of year…dust off those snowmobiles, find those post pounders, and get ready for the upcoming season….


Are your club dues paid? Is your club doing membership renewal notifications? Did you order your trail passes for the upcoming season?

     My daughter reminded me there would be no excuses if her sled wasn’t ready to go for the first trail opening! Now is the time to pay your dues and order your passes. I received a lot of complaints last year from folks upset that they were pulled over multiple times to provide proof of pass payment. The easiest way not to have that happen is to order them in time to have your stickers on your machines!


AWSC Raffle Tickets Are Now Available.

     I will have some at the DCCSC Meeting Thursday night. The success of this raffle helps offset the need to raise our membership dues, which, at $10 member, are the lowest in the snow belt. 


There will be a $1.50 transaction fee for All AWSC Discounted Trail Passes, Registrations, as well as On-Line Rosters….

     The AWSC is charged for credit card transactions on these. These fees help us offset costs that could be a factor in not having to raise our dues.


Are your club’s Officer and Contact information current with the AWSC? Are those contacts, as well as your Delegate and Executive Trail current with the DCCSC and Secretary Mike Niebuhr?

      This should be done without saying. These lists should be a priority of all clubs and councils.


The DCCSC Executive Trail Meeting will be at 7PM, October 11th at Headquarters, 101 Concord Dr In Oregon.

      Flood Damage, Trail opening and closing, Insurance binders and agreements to Dane County Parks will be some of the main topics. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR EXECUTIVE TRAIL MEMBERS ARE NOTIFIED AND ATTEND!


August 29th Gov’s Council Meeting In Wausau.. All approved projects were funded!

     Yeh, Thanks to the additional funding brought in from the Trail Pass program, we were able to fund all requested trail aids projects. Once all counties get their trails GPS’d and all of the questions with those trail submissions get answered, we feel there is a good chance we will be able to fund some new miles of trails after this next season!


Blue Mound State Park (BMSP) Update….

I have received a lot of questions on why this topic is not settled…..When the NR Board approved it twice….

There  were two lawsuits against the DNR.. The first was an open records violation after the first approval, and the second one was against the procedure the DNR used in making their decision the second time. It was a huge victory from snowmobilers that the plan will be re-opened again, As our opposition fought doing so. Members of the Friends Group and others in opposition are  spreading falsehoods on amounts our reinstated trail will cost. There will be some more interesting information coming out on this in the near future!

WHAT IS REALLY AT ISSUE?  Just like snowmobile use is listed in the original BMSP Master Plan, Our snowmobile use is listed and mapped on over 70 state owned properties alone. If our opposition wins, and we are removed from the BMSP Master Plan,  OUR OPPOSITION WILL HAVE NEEDED AMUNITION TO RE-OPEN ALL OF THOSE MASTER PLANS AND REMOVE OUR USE AND SNOWMOBILE TRAILS ON ANY PUBLIC PROPERTY THAT HAS ONE! THAT IS WHY THEY ARE SPENDING WAY MORE THAN WE ARE ON THIS!

It will be critical that we win this fight, and will need a huge number of respondents when the comment period re-opens! I will keep all informed!


Have a good September!


Sam Landes

Executive Director-Dane County

AWSC Legislative Committee Chair

Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs

7353 Springhelt Drive

Dane, WI 53529


608-513-3591 cell

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