Stower 7 Lakes Round 2- Important!

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Fellow Snowmobilers


Polk County is moving ahead with a new survey monkey regarding the Stower Seven Lakes trail.  So here we go again.  This is needed to show Polk County Board of Supervisors that we are the majority use!  Open up the trail to Snowmobiles!  We need everyone throughout the State to fill out the survey.  It only takes a few seconds.  I believe we have 40,000 AWSC members.  Let’s set a goal to have 50% of our membership vote!  The snowmobilers in Polk County need your help.  Please vote so we can get the Stower back open to snowmobiles.  It will also help with some of the other current issue we are dealing with in Wisconsin.

Click on the following link and select Alternative SA3. The deadline to respond is March 9. You will also need to chose one of the items on Question 2. You can select either one of the items you see fit.  

Once  again, we need as many as we can to respond to this!


Sam Landes

Executive Director-Dane County 

AWSC Legislative Committee Chair

Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs 

7353 Springhelt Drive

Dane, WI 53529


608-513-3591 cell

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