The Blue Mounds State Park Master Plan Is On the NRB Agenda for May 26th!

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The comment deadline is May 19th…not the 26th…
Sorry about that!

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HEY Everyone! The Moment has arrived!

The DNR announced this week that the Blue Mounds State Park Master Plan is on the agenda for the May 26 meeting of the Natural Resources Board (NRB). The DNR has requested that the NRB approve the Proposed Master Plan at this meeting. The Proposed Master Plan includes designation of a snowmobile trail through the area of the park where a previous snowmobile trail was located. This is where the local snowmobile clubs and the AWSC have been requesting the trail be located. This trail will allow snowmobiles to connect the Military Ridge State Trail to the county trail system north of the Park without the need to use the road right of way to get through the Park.

I am asking all of you to push comments from you and as many of your members as we can on the need for this trail. There is no need to testify in person, Dave Newman and I will be doing that. We will also be submitting detailed written comments on behalf of the AWSC.

When writing your comments, be polite and keep your comments short and to the point using the following talking points:

Thank the DNR for their efforts in developing the plan.

Ask the NRB members to please approve the proposed plan as presented including the location of the snowmobile trail.

This location will have a minimal impact on other users.

This location provides a safe and enjoyable trail through the park. 

It provides an opportunity for those folks with lesser physical abilities to enjoy the park.

This snowmobile trail and our use of it within the park is very consistent with many other State Parks and Public properties within Wisconsin.

There will be no cost to the state or taxpayers to develop and maintain the trail. The local snowmobile club will develop the trail and maintain it as part of the funded trail system with user fees through the state snowmobile program.  


To comment you need to send an email to: Laurie J. Ross, Board Liaison at  The deadline for comments is Wednesday, May 26 at 11:00 am.

When submitting a written comment, please provide the following information to the Board Liaison:

  1. Your name.
  2. Name of organization you represent (if none, state that you are “representing self”)
  3. Agenda item number and that you support it. (Agenda Item 4.K.)
  4. Your address and phone number
  5. Email address, so the Board Liaison can reply to your written comment

The NRB meeting agenda can be found here:

The meeting will be held virtually but can be viewed by using the link on the agenda.

A summary of the plan can be found at: 

The entire Blue Mounds State Park Master Plan can be found here:

 This is a very critical final step in the process. We need to have a strong showing of support from our counties and members to the NRB Members to approve this plan. You can bet our opposition will be working against us. 


Sam Landes

AWSC Director-Dane County 

AWSC Legislative Committee Chair

Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs 

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