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Fellow Snowmobilers:

The 20-21 Snowmobile Season is creeping up on us!
One thing we are learning about the Covid-19 crisis, is that outdoor recreational activities are way up!
The recent events are rapidly changing the way we all function as organizations. More and more of our membership will rely on our electronic communications to them. Watching facebook and your email inboxes will be important and need to be stressed with them. PLEASE make sure your clubs are updating your officer's rosters so we have accurate addresses to send to. 
First of, Please remind all of our members that their memberships have expired July 1. They will need to renew their club memberships to be current for this season to be able to order their discounted trail passes.
That brings me to the next topic… Trail passes… I will be ordering our 4 trail passes just as soon as I get done with this posting. Please promote ordering trail passes ahead of time. 
Our AWSC Office gets pummeled with both orders and membership renewals in late November and December. That instantly creates needless delays in getting both processed, and folks getting upset over the process. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
Our Fall workshop has been revamped and will now be an AWSC Director's meeting. More to follow… 
THANKS TO ALL! Have a safe fall!
Sam Landes

Executive Director-Dane County 

AWSC Legislative Committee Chair

Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs 

7353 Springhelt Drive

Dane, WI 53529


608-513-3591 cell

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