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Edit: comments need to be made by September 10th.

A note from our AWSC Executive Director Sam Landes

A call out to everyone:
We have a couple of issues affecting snowmobiling here in our local counties:
New Glarus
Please email : Savannah.Ernzen@wisconsin.gov
or 608-266-2130

We are really close to a final comment period and public hearing for Blue Mounds State Park Trail STAY TUNED!

Fellow Snowmobilers:
I was not made aware of the comment period on this, So I contacted the DNR......
They told me they would accept comments through out the planning period.

We want any and all to comment on the following:
We want all snowmobile trails that are currently located on these properties to be kept in the updated plan.
We ask that the snowmobile route going into New Glarus Woods from New Glarus, be extended approximately an 1/8 of a mile, to access Culvers and the Cenex Coop Fuel Station.
We demand that all snowmobiling remain on The Military Ridge Trail all the way to the DNR Parking lot East of the City of Verona, as current.

Comment info is listed below.
Please act now! Make Your Voices heard!
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Very trueKAOS spends a lot of time promoting the future of snowmobiling, but we also care about the future of our Earth! Believe it or not, snowmobilers are environmentalists too! Happy Earth Day! 🌎 ... See MoreSee Less

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The snowmobile season is just around the corner.  Make sure that you join a club and get your member trail pass well in advance of the season!!!

Please see our trail pass page for more information or our join a club page to join a Dane County snowmobile club.

Annual Bonfire at Stronach Farm North of Dane
Annual Bonfire at Stronach Farm North of Dane

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The following websites are great resources for the latest information on issues facing the snowmobile program, trail information, and general interest topics to the sport.