About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

Dane County Council is an alliance of all the snowmobile clubs in Dane County, Wisconsin.  The council meets monthly from September-April.  Dane County has 17 clubs in the county with one additional associate club from Columbia County.

The Council’s purpose is to have a common voice for the Dane County and to represent the county at the state level to AWSC.  We elect a director and representative for this purpose.  We also have a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer with five additional board directors.

Wisconsin is home to more than 25,000 of trails thanks to the efforts of local snowmobile clubs with their tireless volunteers and the support of State and Federal organizations.  Learn more about Wisconsin trails by watching this AWSC 2011 video.


The mission of the DCCSC is to provide information, direction, education, and resources to our members, and member clubs to promote, improve, and preserve safe responsible snowmobiling throughout Dane County and the snowmobile community.


Without stock and not for profit, for the betterment of the sport of snowmobiling and the following objectives:

  1. To form a common bond among snowmobile clubs through better communications.
  2. To promote legislation to the best interest of the snowmobiler.
  3. Work toward the development of snowmobile trails and other use areas.
  4. Work toward better relations between local landowners and snowmobilers.
  5. To promote safe operation of snowmobiles.
  6. Assist Local and State law enforcement bodies in search and rescue missions in time of emergency.
  7. Preservation of Natural Resources.