How Our Program Works

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Fellow Snowmobilers:

Here is a brief explanation on how our Statewide Snowmobile Program works… I feel it is surely a posting all should read and understand:

All revenues collected from snowmobile registrations, annual trail passes including those out-of-state trail passes (minus 75 cents apiece for printing and distribution) are deposited into our Segregated Snowmobile Trail Aids Fund. We also receive into that segregated fund the fuel tax revenues on 50 gallons of gas per registered snowmobile in Wisconsin, along with an additional 55% of that figure, in consideration of out-of-state users. This fund is how the clubs can apply for, and get reimbursed for trail maintenance and grooming. It also helps fund projects and grants that are awarded to clubs and county alliances that include replacing and repairing bridges and trails on our self funded trail system. These funds truly go to our clubs and trails! While it is administered by the DNR, only a very small portion of the money in that segregated snowmobile fund goes to aid local law enforcement efforts. (DNR administration and enforcement expenses have been negotiated and reimbursed for out of  Wisconsin’s Tribal  Gaming Funds.) 

How are our AWSC Clubs able to acquire reimbursements to help offset their related expenses?

At present, our volunteer AWSC clubs are able to claim up to $300 per mile for maintenance reimbursements on trails that are designated as funded through the program. To be able to apply for additional supplemental funding, if available, they must have legitimately expended and claimed at least $200 a mile directly for grooming. Again, if available, they can then request up to a total of $900 a mile for maintenance under the supplemental funding criteria. The clubs that qualify for these supplemental funds cannot request more than $250 per mile for approved non-grooming expenses.     

I hope all riders understand that while reimbursements received by our volunteer organizations help aid their expenses, they do not in any way cover all of the true costs  encountered. 

Without our clubs, snowmobiling as we know it would not exist in Wisconsin!

United we Trail… Divided we Fail!

Sam Landes
AWSC Director-Dane County 
AWSC Legislative Committee Chair
Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs