Six Points Regarding the AWSC and our Trail System

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All: Here is a talking points sheet you can use if you are speaking to the public-media-non snowmobile groups….Sam

Six Points Regarding the AWSC and Our Trail System

  1. Snowmobiling allows families to enjoy these public trails regardless of their age and physical condition. 
    • Not everyone has the ability to hike, bike & ski.
    • Snowmobile safety courses certify riders as young as (12 Years Old)
    • Tradition, family bonding, outdoor enjoyment.
  2. Much of the infrastructure on these state trails was paid for by snowmobile program money & built and maintained by volunteers.
    • The snowmobile program is completely funded by the registration revenue and trail pass revenue paid by snowmobilers.
    • The trails are all maintained by snowmobile clubs & their volunteer members.
  3. Snowmobiling has massive positive economic impacts to TOURISM throughout the entire state of Wisconsin. 
  4. Wisconsin boasts 25,000 miles of trails built, maintained and used by Wisconsin’s 614 snowmobiling clubs – We have 14 Clubs with approximately 1000 Members in Dane County alone.
  5. Snowmobiling clubs value the environment – we work directly with the Wisconsin DNR and are required to follow rules and regulations.
  6. Snowmobile clubs appreciate and value relationships with landowners.